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World Cup Heroes
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World Cup Heroes
Those who need high resolution pictures of these 1975 World Cup Heroes may write to
Ajitpal-Singh Ajit-Singh
Ajitpal Singh Ajit-Singh
Ashok-Diwan Ashok-Kumar
Ashok Diwan Ashok Kumar
Aslam-Sher-Khan B.P.-Govinda
Aslam-Sher-Khan B.P. Govinda
Baldev-Singh Chand-Singh
Baldev Singh Chand Singh
Charles-Cornelius Coach-Gurcharan-Singh-Bodhi
Charles Cornelius Coach Gurcharan Singh Bodhi
Harcharan-Singh HJS-Chimni
Harcharan Singh HJS-Chimni
Leslie-Fernandez Manager-Balbir-Singh
Leslie Fernandez Manager Balbi Singh
Michael-Kindo Mohinder-Singh
Michael-Kindo Mohinder Singh
Onkar-Singh P-E-Kalaiah
Onkar Singh P.E.Kalaiah
Rajwinder-Singh Shivaji-Pawar
Rajwinder Singh Shivaji Pawar
Surjit-Singh V.J.-Philips
Surjit Singh V.J. Philips
Varinder Singh  
Varinder Singh