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Archives for July 2004
Playing now: Gill's Olympian reign of error (7/20/2004)
-G.S. Vivek
It's a farce, a tragic joke that only IHF and Gill can find remotely funny. A look at how national ...
"Gold Medal in Locker" (7/22/2004)
-G.S. Vivek
NEW DELHI: It was perhaps in those days that the term 'politically volatile situation' had been c...
Age defies, will defines, heart plays a rewind tun (7/7/2004)
-s2h team
NEW DELHI: Ashok Kumar was furious when Sangai Channu snatched the ball away from him - his mind si...
2004 Olympics: Change in venues, no change in the (7/30/2004)
-S. Mageshwaran
The Rise and fall of Indian hockey

The Golden Beginning

CALL it a bundle of sentiments o...

2004 Olympics: The Process of Consolidation (7/30/2004)
-S. Mageshwaran
1932 Los Angeles: Now, for the first time in sporting history an Indian team was to participate ...
Dhyan Chand' s Berlin Feats flatten flawed theorie (7/30/2004)
-S. Mageshwaran
1936 Berlin: Adolf Hitler's stern belief of supremacy of a particular race tumbled at the Olympics h...
The Challenge from Winthin (7/30/2004)
-S. Mageshwaran
HOCKEY was invented in the valleys of Persia and Egypt. But as these two civilizations began to ...
2004 Olympics: The Empire strikes back, but not fo (7/30/2004)
-S. Mageshwaran
Factions, feuds, cribs, complaints RECENTLY I was going through a book on Mesopotamian civilizati...
2004 Olympics: The Cat closed its eyes syndrome (7/30/2004)
-S. Mageshwaran
Riding is always a riddle in some metros. You need to think you own the road, choose your line, wit...
Atif's book an enchanting panorama of past and pr (7/30/2004)
-K. Arumugam
15th July 2004: History is what historians want you to know. This is the popular view on history pr...