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At Last, India awakes and boots out Gill (4/29/2008)
This is the one sentence we in India have been despearate to write in the last one decade and today we are forutnate to tell the Indian nation keeping our heads high in esteem: Gill is no more IHF president.

On a fine evening in New Delhi, when this writer was waiting at the Moscow airport to catch a return flight to Delhi, the Indian Olympic Association, whom we all thought a moribund, electoral minded body for once shed its image and thought of Indian hockey. And, it has taken a great decision that can at best save Indian hockey which has been willfully brought to sick bed by this ego-centric, clueless, idiotic KPS Gill.

Now, no longer we need to worry about him, let him go to Mathura Ashram or anywhere he likes, we have no complaint at all. As long as he does not carry the baggage of Indian hockey, and now it is not there, we don’t care this man. Yes, dear friend across the globe, the miracle has happened. The justice has been done. Our prayers have been answered.

Gill has been booted out of IHF.

Five days after his corrupt secretary caught on camera taking money for putting a player in the team, two days after his cover up to save his disgraced Secretary failed, and a day after this writer’s interview of FIH President where she minced no words about Gill and Jothikumaran flashed across newspapers in India due to the reach of Press Trust of India, the IOA, which was under tremendous pressure to act from political bosses, decided to act.

Now Gill can go to court, if he goes, probably there is a rider. The government will resort to a Central Bureau of Investigation to unearth all the misdeeds of this man. Gill knows the politicians pulse and their power, so it is expected he will fade into oblivion like a Mahajan or R.N. Prasad, his predecessors.

We are not interested in what Gill do, but let us at the moment cherish this evil spirit is no longer with hockey.

Indian hockey is without Gill at helm. What a great news, what a great feeling.

India has about 10 big media houses, and just one of them, the aajtak / headlines today has done it. There might be an environment coming up, thanks to FIH’s relentless pursuit against KPG Gill’s regime, and India not qualifying for the Olympics, but the sting operation has singularly opened the eyes of those who count in the ouster of super flop KPS Gill.

Even at this moment of joy, we cannot but regret we had to deal such a stupid for about a decade and still bear him all along because he was taking vital decisions.

Have we, the sports lovers, players, those in the media, not suffered a lot of mental agony as were professionally in touch with this mad fellow and his mad house called IHF?

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