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Peon Punished, but the Boss Wants to Escape (4/22/2008)
Jothi has resigned, and what a great news, his boss KPS Gill has accepted it. It looks as if KPS Gill is concerned about Indian hockey and all of a sudden found a person so close as Jothi has become a bribe taker.

KPS Gill, all said and done is professional police, and by training and occupation, is supposed to have a nose for criminals, more so who pretend innocent. It will be world’s biggest lie if KPS Gill all of a sudden found a person in his coterie has become corrupt. Gill knows everything.

Jothikumaran, it is widely believed, has taken a plot from the SuchirIndia, albeit from backdoors, not in the public function where 18 players and 2 coaches were given the plot in Hyderabad from the generous and hockey promoting company. Does not Gill know of this? If he does not know, I doubt he has ever been a police officer in his life!

All corrupt practices of his coterie has taken place under his nose, under his towering image, under his, why cannot I say, his patronage. Circumstances prove for such a view. In no organization the president directly indulges in corruption, he only cleverly sets up his staff and they do it merrily forever. This is the universal pattern of organized corruption. The Indian Hockey Federation, which this old man has been taken as a hostage, allowed all his crooks to do the same.

Five years ago, an Indian team was supposed to for the United States, but was cancelled in the last minutes. Why? It is a matter of investigation, which can even be held right now, because a person very close to Gill has allegedly taken money for putting the players in that team. Perhaps, Jothi was emboldened to do what he has done with the aajtak reporters, because one person in the IHF has already done it with impunity. If one looks at the composition of that USA bound team, which the IHF has never officially announced of course, one can easily conclude it was scam for American visa.

Gill, never take morally high ground, and still in the judgment chair and pretend everything is ok, only Jothi is wrong. This country has bought your bluff for long – and it is hightime you go before someone kicks you at your, say, bottom.

A television channel has got a peon, it is upto the public at large to get at his boss. A boss in whose tenure a bank clerk has become a millionaire, owner of chain of hotels, and what not. If you project the same at other levels, I wonder how much fortune others higher than him in the IHF could have made.

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