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Stop all Hockey Activities immediately (4/21/2008)
--K. Aarumugam
This is what we have been talking about last ten years. KPS Gill, once hailed as supercop, is shamelessly heading a corrupt group who were looting hockey. Now that things have come on camera, it is time the Central Bureau of Investigation immediately step into the Indian hockey affairs, both men and women, and coduct an inquiry.

Till that process will be over, stop all men's hockey activities. Its not that only Jothi is earning money out of hockey, there are many including some great names.

Public should take a note that last year when 40 odd Olympians took out a street march, and asked for Gill and Jothi's dismissal. They also submitted a memorandum to the then (useless) minister Mani Shankar Aiyar asking for CBI inquiry into the assets of corrput IHF Secretary K. Jothikumaran. This writer was very much involved in the preparation and submission of the said memorandum

From all accounts, it is apparent KPS Gill is aware of the loot his gang is happily indulging. Why he was not bothered, and by that encouraged them, is a relevent question now. Is it simply sufficient for him if his telephone bills are paid from the account of Indian Hockey Federation?

Certainly, as guardian of thugs like Jothikumaran, this gentleman must also be taken to task. He should also be court-marshalled if there is a provision for that. Those who spoil the countrys image should be put behind the bars. Let the corrupt run their affairs from a cell in the remote corner of India

Petty thiefs, those who steal out of hungry, are punished, why not these scoundrels who masquerade as great patriots?

We only hope the present Minister of Sports and Youth Affairs MS Gill won't shirk away from his constitutional duties. Certainly, he would never resort to 'autanomous' theory

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