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Verbatim: Batra Punches a Dozen Questions (4/10/2008)
--s2h team
On Monday, Narinder Batra, President, Jammu & Kashmir Hockey Association, sent mails to both the Minister, Youth Affairs and Sports, Government of India, and Randhir Singh, Secretary General, Indian Olympic Association. Given below is the operative portions of the mail verbatim.

Q.1: Indian Hockey Federation (IHF) ceased to exist from 2001/2002, to be the National Sports Federation (NSF) to represent Indian men’s hockey in International World Hockey. Because the FIH, world body (that governs) Men & Women Hockey, informed IHF & IWHF that in Olympics only one body represents both Men & Women and if in India both of them do not merge, then FIH will de-recognize both. It was then in 2001/2002, the same Mr. Randhir Singh of IOA gave recognition to IHC in India to represent both men & women teams in World Events and FIH then recognized the IHC and disaffiliated both IHF & IWHF. Are Minister & Mr. Randhir Singh (IOA) aware of it or not?

Q.2: If the IHF has ceased to represent India in international tournaments since 2001/2002, then how is it a democratically elected body and how is Olympic Charter applicable on a body which is not recognized by Federation of International Hockey (FIH) and which (IHF) does not anymore represent India in World Hockey Since 2001/2002? Copy of the FIH Statutes & Bye Laws enclosed from Page No.4 to 34 and approved list of National Federations form Page No.32 to 34 and approved National Federation of India by FIH at Page No.32 known as Indian Hockey Confederation ( IHC ), at S.No: 43 in the list.

Q.3: If Indian Hockey Confederation (IHC) is recognized by FIH, then who is Indian Hockey Federation (IHF). Can both Minister & Mr. Randhir Singh clarify the same?

Q.4: How many National Sports Federations per game can the Ministry and IOA recognize? As per law only one. Then how have Ministry and IOA recognized two bodies i.e. IHF and IHC for Men’s hockey. Which is against the MOA of IOA enclosed from Page No:35 to 71 and guidelines of the Ministry from Page No.72 to 122.

Q.5: As per the Ministry’s guidelines, they can only give grant to that Recognized NSF which represents India in International Tournaments as given in Guidelines at Page No: 73 to 78 The details of grant given till 2004-05 are given at page No.123. Can Minister clarify their generosity to IHF out of tax payers money?

Q.6: Can people convicted in criminal cases be part of Sports Bodies? Will Ministry & IOA clarify , and also IOA to further clarify that does FIH & IOC also permit the same under Olympic charter – (Olympic charter enclosed from Page No.124 to 192)?

Q.7: If I propose to make ‘Batra Hockey Federation‘ and decide to send Indian Team, will I have been given permission by the IOA & grant by the Ministry in the same manner in which IHF is being given now?

Q.8: If no one is declaring himself / herself as President and Other Office Bearers of IHC, then can Ministry & IOA accept me as Self Declared President of IHC, the NSF of India Recognized by FIH? Constitution of IHC enclosed from Page No.193 to 209.

Q.9: Enclosing letter from IHC to FIH, IOA and Asian Hockey Federation at Page No. 210, Also enclosing Invitation for 7th Indira Gandhi Gold Cup Hockey Tournament on 1st October 2005 from Page No.211 to 212. Are both Minister and IOA aware of IHC existence?

Q.10: Who is Mr. K.P.S. Gill and in what capacity is Minister, Ministry and IOA dealing with him regarding Men’s hockey in India ?

Q.11: Since Ministry & IOA both have to send representatives in elections of NSFs, can both Minister and Mr. Randhir Singh, confirm if they have knowledge of any election having taken place in IHC since 2001 when the when IHC came into being.

Q.12: Are the Minister and Mr. Randhir Singh willing to admit before the nation that they have together misled and misinformed the Nation, regarding affairs and existence of IHF in India and IHC?

If Ministry & Mr. Randhir Singh (IOA) do not clarify within 7 days of this email, then I reserve my right to avail all recourses available to me as Citizen of India to make the public aware of the same, and get the facts before the Nation about its national game. And if the same is not clarified in 7 days, then I will assume that my facts are correct and as a first measure will hold a Press Conference to bring facts before the Nation.

Narinder Batra
Former Sr. V.P. IHF (Not a Recognized Body)

Note: I Assume Ministry and IOA have the following basic documents.

(a):- Statutes & Bay Laws of FIH.
(b):- MOA of IOA.
(c):- Guidelines of Sports Ministry.
(d):- Constitution of IHC.
(e):- Olympic Charter.
(f):- Correspondence of / by IHC.

In case you still require all the above, I can send the booklet. Please send your request to my email

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