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Sahara India Pariwar becomes 4th Global Partner (3/17/2004)
--FIH Press Release
After conquering the hearts of millions of hockey lovers in India, Sahara India Pariwar, a leading Indian business conglomerate and “World's Largest Family” joins hands with Federation Internationale de Hockey (FIH) to become its 4th Global Partner. In a three year deal, which is expected to be finalised by the end of this month, Sahara India Pariwar will join FIH's three global partners, BDO International, Rabobank and Samsung. As one of Global Partners of FIH, Sahara India Pariwar will get branding opportunities at major FIH tournaments, up to and including the Men's and Women's World Cups in 2006 and title rights to the 2005 and 2006 Champions Trophies and 2005 Champions Challenge.

Established with founder members BDO International and Rabobank at the beginning of 2003, the Global Hockey Partnership began as a sponsorship consortium of up to four partners. Samsung joined the partnership in August last year and with Sahara, the consortium has now reached its maximum number of places for its first term of 2003-2006. The Global Hockey Partnership has enabled FIH to develop a central, global sponsorship of major hockey events for the first time in its history.

Revenue from the Global Partners sponsorship will directly benefit host organisers of FIH’s major events and will also be used by FIH to improve the events quality and profile, by enhancing spectator facilities, TV production and youth activities.

Sahara India Pariwar, sponsor of both national Indian cricket and senior & junior hockey teams, has taken various initiatives for the promotion of sports in India, for which it also received the prestigious FICCI Annual Award 2002-2003 for "Outstanding Corporate Sports Initiative”.

On this momentous occasion the Managing Worker & Chairman of Sahara India Pariwar, Shri Subrata Roy Sahara said, “Hockey is the national game of India. We would do everything possible within our parameters to bring back the glory of this game, within our nation as well as internationally. We want to see the national game of India prospering worldwide. This significant deal with FIH will not only help us promote hockey as a game globally but will also go a long way in promoting Indian hockey globally. This is a very positive step towards a brighter future of hockey”.

Mr. Henk Westerlaken, director of Global Hockey Partnership, commented, “I am delighted that the initial success of the Global Hockey Partnership has been capitalised upon, with the consortium now reaching full strength. I look forward to welcoming SAHARA personally and to working with them to assist hockey's promotion and worldwide development”.

FIH President, Els van Breda Vriesman, commented, “This is another huge step for the promotion of world hockey. Sahara India Pariwar's involvement as a Global Partner demonstrates hockey's ability to attract the backing of major multi-national organisations throughout the hockey world. Coupled with the resurgent enthusiasm in Indian hockey, with their qualification at Madrid to the Athens Olympics, the addition of a major Indian corporation to the hockey's Global Partnership can only strengthen hockey's renaissance in India”.

The sponsorship was brokered by S.S. Dasgupta, Managing Director of India based sports marketing agency, Leisure Sports Management (LSM). On this occasion Mr. S.S. Dasgupta said, "Sahara India Pariwar, over the years, has grown not only to become a top company in India but also one of the very best in the whole world. As part of their global outlook Sahara now join hands with FIH. We at LSM feel proud to have played a significant role in this tie-up".

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