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2010 WC: Global News
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World Cup momentum yet to pick up (12/23/2009)
--s2h team
Momentum yet to pick up for the Delhi World Cup

World Cup is just 65 days ahead. It is the greatest hockey carnival that comes in every four year. As the mega event comes to Mecca of hockey, India, there should have been enough hype and hoopla, great build up etc, befitting the hockey’s status of a popular sport in India.

However, as of now common fan is yet to get the feel of World Cup coming.

We don’t know what hampers the organizers; still the message of World Cup is yet to catch up beyond the domain of diehard fans.

It is ironical in this respect that for the logo releasing function, only photographers were invited not the print and anchors. What message is being sent out?

This is a confusing development, but we feel it is an aberration in an otherwise media savvy organization.

Nowadays nothing moves on its own, things have to be moved to desired direction. It is therefore does not feel good even as basis requirement such as official website on world cup is yet to satiate any needy.

For the outsiders India might look exciting desitination insofar as hockey is concerned, but unless genuine efforts are not made World Cup cannot be a success. 1981 happened long ago, much water has flowed down the Yamuna since then.

Besides, the biggest worry for the global audience is ticketing.

Perhaps in the recent times for every major FIH tournaments the online ticket sales commenced six months in advance. At least it was the case with respect to the last World Cup in Germany.

As the stadium tickets and booking airlines are interlinked, this site in particular received lot of queries as to when the ticket will be put on sale. Visiting foreigners want to book airlines in advance as it will prove cheaper, but they are tied down because of ticket hassles.

I think the organizers have to be awake from their slumber There is no doubt the stadium will be ready by the deadline and eventually India will churn out a fantastic fare.

But as of now, the organizers have to pull up their socks and do something visible and effectual from public point of view.

In India the unending election process hogs the limelight with which none other than media and those fighting for the posts are only enthused.

World Cup is just 65 days ahead, not many people are talking about it. It is not good.

Any way who is in charge of publicizing the World Cup, Hockey India or FIH?

Honestly speaking, we don’t know. As much as whether the proposed 4-Nation is on or not.

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