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Have you read the news? (12/4/2009)
--s2h Team
Have you read the news?

A worried and harried Hockey India official slammed the door of another high ranking official and asked the above.

The person the question intended to was, obviously taken for a surprise.

“Guptaji, I know you last 20 years, I never saw you in such state of sadness. Please come and tell me what happened”.

“You don’t know what happened. This is what I don’t like with you. Tell me first, have you read today’s newspaper”.

“In the past I never did. But ever since I got the lottery (hockey), I had to do. But there is nothing in today’s papers on hockey, I went through all of them”, Gutaji replied in all his frankness and seriousness.

The worried and harried Hockey India Official, now we can call as Bun2 Singh, can’t take this (nonsense).

Bun2 Singh just got up, stared at Guptaji’s face straight as if he is a god of small things and left the room, but not before slamming the door as ferociously as he did a few seconds earlier.

Even as Guptaji was confused and before understood what made him his best friend provoked, Bun2 Singh was in another official’s room -- to get the same kind of mute response.

Bun2 Singh seriously thought nobody is serious enough in running the hockey affairs, they are useless guys, just sipping tea and capable of only dreaming of another press conference.

Bun2 Singh thought enough is enough.

He climbed two stories up, and showing some restraint, entered ultimate boss’s room, who was also worried why his trusted lieutenant is worried. After calming him, and as usual without going into the details, called his beautiful Personal Secretary – who never understood what sports is— and ordered her to call other two officials whose doors otherwise calm Bun2 Singh slammed in frustration twice – while going in and coming out.

The meeting has now started despite being the eatables were not on the table, with almost three of them not knowing what made their calm friend worked up. On knowing something is fishy, two more officials who always supervise who goes inside ultimate boss’s room, also conveniently occupied the corner seats.

“Am sorry, you all take World Cup very lightly”.

Even before Bun2 completed his sentence, gentlemen seated in the corner intervened, “before that we have election”.

‘You please stop”, roared Mr.Calm who turned turbulent today.

Bun2 Singh continued ….”What will happen if this is true. I don’t believe press unlike you all, but this is very serious”.

Bun2 took a small paper cutting and made it convenient for all to see.

The paper cutting read: “Pakistan will study security situation before going to India for the World Cup”.

All others except Bun2 looked at each other, trying to conceal mischievous smile.

Smart Bun2 Singh was no fool, got the mood of them, cursed himself for others not taking world cup seriously, and slammed the doors back and returned.

But his murmurs were audible – what will happen if Pak does not come to India because of security concerns. We might have to go there for a test series in place of World Cup.

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