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Fruitless forays let India down (11/4/2009)
--s2h Team
Their ball possession was almost 90 percent. They penetrated the circle five to six times more than their rivals. Indian women got 8 penalty corners against one by Malaysia. yet, in the end of the day, India could only draw Malasia. A heartwarming result for ever improving Malaysia and a heart break for India.

Why the result, a draw against Malaysia, which gave the much needed point for india to move into the semifinal, is named here heart-break?

Not without reasons

Today was the last day for the pool matches. Interestingly, India played the last game of the day. So, india new well before they set the ball rolling against Malaysia what is expected of them.

India just needed three points to top the pool so that it can take on Japan in the semis. Because, Koreas topped the other pool with 15-0 drubbing of their last rival, Hong Kong. It made the Japanese task of topping the pool difficult.

India's record against Japan in the Asian circuit is reasonably good, with them in the semis India stood a chance to make it to the final.

Entering final this year is very important as the finalists are given direct entry for the 2010 World Cup.

Now that India could only earn a point in its last match, they have to face formidable Korean devils in the semis. It is almost lost case for India.

India did everything except scoring. Seven out of eight penalty corners were frittered away with outdated striking option.

Strictly speaking, India did not have any player good at penalty corners. With Japan's Seiko Muira and Seul Cheon of Koea going skywards, India looked pedestrian in this vital area of the game.

Forwards, some of them are really good, in general lost control in side the circle, why that needless paniky.

If Malaysia took lead so early, so what. Why can't you play a controlled and discipline game to take charge of the proceedings instead of shooting wayward at drop of hat.

For the hardworking stuff the likes of Deepika Thakur, Asunta Lakra, Mamta Kharab and Saba Anjum did in the midfield, the forwardline of Jasjeet, Rani Ramphal and Surinder Kaur was a let down. These stars again failed in the penalty corner rebounds.

So, India came close to getting into World Cup but messed up the chances now with chosing to play the toughest opponent here, Korea.

Only team to score more than 50 goals, with conceding just two, Koreans are far ahead of Indians in every department. It is going to be miraculous if India can defeat Korea and think of World Cup dream.

India played so superbly against China the other day, why can't they sustain the momentum for some more days.

As Indian women hockey came down, it could have certainly marked a dawn for Malaysia on the other hand.

They really played a good game, came close to making it to the semis.

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