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Its time to support OC and IOA, not the least CWGF (10/15/2009)
--K. Arumugam
Editorial: Its time to support OC and IOA, not the least CWGF

Day before yesterday I attended a mega press conference the Commonwealth Games Federation (CWGF) convened in the capital in one of the costliest hotels in Delhi, the Ashok.

The meet started at least an hour late, which gives an idea of the image of the CWGF

Ironically, all the 81 chiefs of the national bodies that make up the Commonwealth Games Federations were here inter alia to monitor delays in the organization of forthcoming Commonwealth Games in New Delhi!

Exactly a year left for the 2010 CWG. At least two stadiums will be ready by December this year, thankfully for us this good list includes centrally located Major Dhyan Chand National stadium where the 2010 Hockey will be held.

Yesterday, the visiting Australian Foreign Minister too visited the National Stadium and expressed the view that even before the 2000 Sydney Olympics Games lot of doubts were raised but in the end it all ended well.

I subscribed his view. The talk of delays is a non-issue. Everytime major tournaments is hosted this bogey is raised by the local media, and those officials, like the one we had recently -- Michael Fennell, the CGWF Chief -- otherwise unknown to sporting world bask in the new found celebrity status.

Fennell, while saying he has no doubt on readiness of the infrastructure in time -- it was not his view till recently -- but sought to focuss his attention on other major concerns.

That related to operational part of it.

So, when he outlined a monitoring committee will be formed, and it will submit its report monthly, and services of many foreign experts will be requisitioned, I was amused like many others.

The initial impression was that his CWGF will bear the bill. It appears CWGF will only form so many committess and invite 'experts' for which the poor India will pay!!!

India is not a chhota mota country, a well established economic and democratic power in the world

In sports, Indians pioneered the concept of Western Asiatic Games in the 30s, Asian Games in the 50s and Afro-Asian Games in the late 90s. Inaugural edition of each of them was hosted by India on its soils.

India had its own International Olympic Committee in the late 18th century when the most of the world asked IOC what?

Therefore, in the vital issue of organization of mega events, India hardly needs anybody's advice, support, not the least the CWGF.

My objection to the CWGF is that they organized their General Assembly here in Delhi last week and almost 90 personalities stayed here for 9 days in one of the costiliest hotels in Asia, not just India.

This is mockery of public money.

Why all these biggies have to take the hospitality of the host for such a long spell, it is actually misuing the generosity. Money is wasted on personalities not on the actual sport, in an era of easy communication, staying of such a big group for almost 9 days in a country is unwelcome sign. Secondly, at least I felt, the CWGF is unduly hurry. It wants to give jobs to its own people in the guise of monitoring and technical experts.

It is hilarious that the priority areas of Fennel includes ticketing and accredetation for which India has to avail foreign experts' services!!

This is fatally wrong. Can't India that sends satellite to moon, fires a test missile almost a day, which has nuclear arsenal in its defence, manage as simple as ticketing and accredidation?

Probably Fennell thought of providing jobs to some of the unemployed experts who are at home due to recession.

India is not going to take it.

Media always rakes up non-issues and often highlights delays and shortcomings rather than achievements. Because these make good copies.

It does not acutally mean things are bad on the ground.

The sporting officials, i think, are taken a ride by the recent development. It relates to China, which surprised the world getting its infrastructure ready a year in advance of the last Olympics. Agreed, it is a milestone, no other country would ever be able to match it.

If China is so great, then the likes of Michael Fennells would apply for a citizenship in China and spend their rest of life there? Without dwelling many things here, I will only like to state each country has its own merits and demerits.

CWGF should make as many committees as possible, and invite as many experts as it wants to run the CWG 2010. But it should bear the costs. It should no way consider the CWG 2010 is an employment exchange for its own band of experts.

Michael Fennell should understand the Indian Prime Minister did not give him appointment. This should put him in right perspectives, he need not be overwhelmed by the publicity he gets whenever he takes a dig at Indian preparedness.

There is lot of political will in India to conduct its own business in business as usual mode.

We in the sports circle feel the CWG 2010 is an extravaganza and is not going to improve the Indian sport even by an inch. Only benefit will be the city's and sporting infrastucture.

Now India should stand up and count.

I knew for sure the same gentlemen whose 'selfish and hurried' advices are not going to be heeded, will raise the bogey of security. Here also we have the experience. England's badminton team withdrew after reaching here for the World Championship. Later, after the event went off without a whimper of a security, their sports minister rang up Indian Badminton chief and Sports Minister to tender apology!! It was widely publicised in India. Still, the bogey of security will be these disgruntled and selfish elements' last resort.

India has every right to organize the Commonwealth Games on its terms, using its own expertise and resources, and the way it wants under the larger framework of Commonwealth Games charter. It should not succumb to any amount of arm-twisting by the select few countries or persons.

India should bid for Asian Games and forget this conceptually debatable Commonwealth Games in future.

Its time to support Organizing Committee (OC) and the Indian Olympic Association (IOA), not the least CWGF which is definitely breahing the lines of acceptable decency

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