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A year minus Gill - Adhoc Committee a year old (4/27/2009)
--K.. Arumugam
A year minus Gill - First Anniversary of Adhoc Committee


This day is an important one in the Indian hockey annals. Exactly a year ago on this day, the predators of Indian hockey, KPS Gill and Co, were humiliated by the collective will of the country. Though belated, the Indian Olympic Association, which only a week ago came out strongly to support the Gill’s regime, decided to act. In one stroke Gill was gone. The act was belated because Gill should have been shown the doors in 2006 itself after India finished fifth at Doha Asian Games.

The difference between Doha and April 2008 was not just the Chile Olympic Qualifier, but a sting and then an active Sports Minister who brooked no nonsense at that point of time at least.

Gill could well manage his chair from March 10 to April 27, almost 50 days after Chile fiasco with his usual nonchalance and arrogance. None of the personalities who relish power now and those who want to grab it from them ever came out openly against Gill in that period. Even most of the celebrated Olympians dutifully lined up in Gill’s residence with a calibrated move to move into the petty IHF posts.

Aslam Sher Khan, Ashok Kumar and Pargat Singh’s loyal Olympians (from Punjab) were the only exceptions.

Now let us see the status of Indian hockey in the one full year without Gill.

International: Choice of teams, tours, quality of competitions marginally improved.

Foreign Coach: Spain's Jose Brasa likely to join anytime.

Communication: Vast improvement

Calendar: Remarkable achievement

Coaching Camps: No difference, as Babus (bureaucrats) continue to decide everything.

Players Reward: Gill fared better, adhoc committee unsympathetic and proved hopeless. First time in the last 15 years, players got no cash for medals. It’s shame on adhoc committee.

Competitions: Except one Jr. Asia Cup, all other engagements were invitational type. Therefore it is futile to compare. If the Adhoc Committee feels the teams fared better because of their administration, it is for public, it has no base.

Team Selection: As in the past, coaches called the shot. Rituals were followed. The mere fact that 12 players from the previous Asia Cup are retained for the Kuantan number proves the core group of both regimes is same. Coaches and support staff also continued barring a handful. Basically the status quo maintained in this vital area of concern. It also seems Gill was no wrong in this regard except bullish Joaquim factor.

Domestic hockey: No improvement, no action to hold Nationals.

Administrative Set Up: Far better (At least some responsible people are available in an office now).

Relationship with FIH: Certainly not hostile now, retention of World Cup is a tribute

Romance for Chair: Adhoc committee invents so many hurdles to avoid the right thing – holding election. This exposes them.

By and large, Gill or no Gill proved hardly proved any material difference to players and coaches. Still worse, only handshakes and garlands are for the winning teams, no money at all.

Adhoc committee’s continued presence is a market threat, gives an unexpected long rope to Gill. Adhoc Committee openly used, and is using, all legal dribbling -- just Gill did it to NK Batra - to be in the chair.

As usual the section of former players within the administration foresee a great future for Indian hockey, while those not in the domain feel otherwise.

We hockey lovers are have a mixed feeling as to what lies next for Indian hockey. One thing sure about Indian hockey is, it refuses to change its perception, warped by the mindset.

Business as usual for everybody.

Dilip Tirkey’s 400 caps, Roop Singh’s Centenary, so many other historical milestone go unnoticed and unattended. This could have happened in Gill’s regime, so also now even with the new set of administrators.

So, business as usual for everybody -- seat of power for somebody. The great news in the year was Bansal's boys retaining Junior Asia Cup and Harendera's team annexing the Azlan Shah Cup. These coaches would have delivered irrespective of who rules in Delhi (where the IHF is located).

That's why we are concerned when the coaches and players toil go unnoticed.

This is the one aspect that refuses to get out of mind when the report card for the first Year is prepared. This has over-shadowed whatever the hard work the Adhoc Committee could have put in. Am sorry about it.

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Cheers to Ad-hoc Committee
by Amit Dudani on 4/29/2009 8:31:05 AM
Ad-hoc committee is doing a wonderful job. I don't remember India playing hockey so frequently in Mr Gill's days. Ad-hoc committee is showing great will and intent to improve the sport in the Country. We need such people to be given full control of the sport, not just on temporary basis.
why matches are not telecast
by Ramachandran S on 4/27/2009 11:44:14 PM
the writer has missed one point. In gill's time all matches were telecast. We could not now see azlan shah? adhoc people should focus on this.
by Prof. Randhawa on 4/27/2009 10:05:49 PM

by srikanth sangili on 4/28/2009 10:40:56 AM
I think it is a very well prepared Report card. I have to agree that there is no live hockey these days..And the PHL i am afraid may suffer a silent death...When i talk about Live Hockey it has to be of high production quality to make the Hockey look exciting to the masses...By the way is The ASIA CUP going to be telecast in any channel..

by stoneman hockey on 4/30/2009 6:04:34 PM