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SAS 2009: Accolades pour in for Azlan Shah Win (4/12/2009)
Prime Minister Manmohan Singh: Prime Minister congratulated the Indian hockey team for winning the Azlan Shah Cup tournament and hoped that the triumph would help revive the game in the country. In a message, Mr. Singh wished the Indian hockey players further success and hoped it would be a step towards reviving the golden era of Indian hockey.

Punjab Dy CM Sukhvir Badal: CHANDIGARH: Punjab Deputy Chief Minister and President Shiromani Akali Dal today congratulated the Indian Hockey team for lifting Sultan Azlan Shah Cup by beating Malaysia in final 3-1. In message, Badal said that Indian Hockey team has done proud to India by lifting this cup fourth time. He said that winning of this Cup would prove to be catalytic in rejuvenating our hockey team, bringing our lost glory back in this traditional game.

Union Sports Minister M S Gill: Mr. Gill congratulated Sandeep Singh-led Indian hockey team for winning the Azlan Shah Cup tournament in Malaysia. “I am delighted to know that India have won the Azlan Shah Cup hockey tournament in Malaysia on Sunday. I congratulate the team,” Gill said. “I see that Indian hockey team is on the rise. we will do everything to support it,” the minister added.

Rajpal Singh He could not be happier for his pals who have done what very few outside the team believed possible. But he says he feels a tinge of sadness as he missed out on being part of such a historic moment, which came after a gap of 13 years - India winning the Azlan Shah Cup Hockey at Ipoh, Malaysia, beating the hosts 3-1 in the final on Sunday. No doubt, India did manage podium finishes in between, but to come up trumps after a heartbreaking tie against Egypt is always special for hockey aficionados. For the city, the good news was made even better by the fact that Chandigarh Hockey Academy (CHA) ward Baljeet Singh was terrific under the bars during the tournament. Rajpal, who could not go to Malaysia due to his graduation exams, said, ‘’It is indeed a great performance by the Indian team. I am very happy, as we have won the tournament after a gap of 13 years.’’

Former Olympian Sukhbir Gill: ’We have a young team and the boys are improving with every passing tournament,’’

Former India coach Rajinder Singh: ‘’It is a heartening win and will act as a morale booster for the boys as a tough season is expected. I hope they will carry on with the momentum as they gear up to face European teams.’’

Note: Compiled from various sources

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by Well Wisher Hockey on 4/15/2009 8:34:11 PM
Extremely happy so the team won, and so many people took note of it. i feel hockey is slowing coming up, it cd have been faster. best of luck in future competitions as well
finally !!!!!!!!!
by NIVEDITA HOCKEY LOVE on 4/14/2009 6:09:46 PM
im glad that the players dint have to go on a hunger strike to get their recognition this time!! And well just like always all talks no work.YAY Indian government!!!! or wait perhaps are all these wishes from politicians pouring in due to the arrival of elections???? anyways i would like to congratulate the team and the senior most players in the team as well for regaining the title after 13 years.Really proud of the players and the coach for making it happen and making us proud.Chak de !!!!!!!! and the INDIAN government "Kuch kariye!!!"
Did politicians know where the tournament was being played?
by Soham Desai on 4/14/2009 1:06:51 AM
I seriously doubt these useless politicians had any idea about the tournament. Thanks to national media they came to know about the victory and congratulated our team. After all this is election time. Getting a chance to be in news. Indian media too highlighted the news only because we won. This is understandable. They are doing business. If people take more interest, they will cover more and more news of Hockey. I clearly remember when India defeated S Korea in Asia Cup, TV Channels played Chak De song all day, repeated the news every 5 minutes, but they did not have any further information. They were not able to show all the player’s names and their details. This is our media. But they are doing business. They do not have any interest in any particular game. Where ever there is popularity, they will go there.
The message is loud and clear...
by Shashank Gupta on 4/13/2009 4:08:56 PM
Reading the above, I can only think of 1 thing: The message is loud and clear. Keep winning and keep collecting accolades.

We are in a system where success has many fathers, failures have none. Changing the system will happen but that will take time. In the meantime, let's go the hard way and earn our due!

by BHAVESH GAUTAM on 4/13/2009 12:01:30 PM
i agree with MR. Amit Dudani... thanks for your wishes, but whats the point now, when hockey was pushed to 2nd category sport... cricket is always politicians favourite...Thy have left hockey to die..but thy need to know, hockey alone has got so much respect to INDIA in world sport.... please wake up people, hockey needs just some basic help, not your pathetic hands to get results from them..thy will get it even if u leave them to hell... GET A LIFE ...jai hind...long live hockey... \m/ guys v r thr behind your back...your die hard fans.. :-)
by Amit Dudani on 4/12/2009 10:15:04 PM
Its not important to just contratulate when you leave the sport to die. These politicians have done nothing for sport or hockey in India but will not lose an opportunity to get limelight or take credit. What does the PM know about hockey or the state of sports players in India. They travel IInd class, stay on platforms, dont get good diet, why the hell is he congratulating now when he and his government has done nothing for him. WE CAN DO WITHOUT THEIR WISHES. THANKS BUT NO THANKS MR PRIME MINISTER