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Ministry sends appointment letter to Jose Brasa (4/9/2009)
--K. Arumugam
Finally, the right thing has happened. India will have a foreign coach, and this time it is real. And it is not for six months -- as happened with Ric Charlesworth's case --almost two years, extendable to 2012.

Former Spain coach Jose Brasa has been sent the much awaited appointment letter from the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports, government of India, through its executive arm, Sports Authority of India.

Spaniard Brasa has been given tenure upto Commonwealth Games, which can be extended to two more years with mutual consent, ie, upto 2012 Olympics.

He will be paid Euro 8500 per month

It is expected Jose Brasa will come to India in two weeks time, and this informed is yet to be confirmed.

Jose Brasa is a former Spain's chief coach for women's national team, and has been happily looking after stadia administrative jobs at the Sports Complex (Club de Polo) in Madrid till the Lady Luck smiled on him with the election of Leandro Negre to the FIH president post.

The adhoc committee, looking after the Indian hockey affairs, needs a pat on the back and with this they have somewhat consoled the way they (mis)handled the issue of untimely exit of Ric Charlesworth from India.

It is expected that Brasa will come anytime, as all his personal requirements have been met. It remains to be seen, however, will he get all the foreign support staff or not.

It is worthwhile to note that India did not make a global invitation, but selected him on the basis of his presentation to Indian govt officials. Therefore it cannot said th best available talent was selected, however, even this import is considered far better than what we have right now in India. To that extent, welcome Brasa.

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tax payers sweats... will it be fruitful?
by stoneman hockey on 4/16/2009 8:13:29 AM
There is a saying "The jasmine flower which grows up in our own courtyard does not smell nice and it has no value at all." Coach Harendra is facing the same problem. I think from 1997 he has been in and out with the Indian team and at present considered as the countrys best coach but he does the coaching for national team just free of cost and still the IOA and IHF does not pay a single pie for his efforts in coaching. Whereas, Brasa from Spain will hog-in almost 2 crores (1.6 crore as salary + other perks) within this 2 year. We have seen English speaking coaches like Cedric, Carvalho, Rasch and many others who failed to inject any timely communication and tactical mindset among the players during their days... whereas Harender could bring in more versatility among players... Will the new Spaniard will be in a position to bring changes to our multi lingual barier players? Will our tax money what we pay bear fruits?... To watch and see...
New coach...
by stoneman hockey on 4/15/2009 6:12:38 AM
New coach from Spain to satisfy the new FIH president from Spain? and to ensure World Cup to be held in India? What's the achievement of Brasa as comparred to Ric who won more than 7 world titles..? Are we doing justice to get the best coach or are we just satisfying the FIH demands?
by Prof. Randhawa on 4/14/2009 10:21:44 PM
its good that coach is coming
by kuldeep singh on 4/11/2009 4:45:43 PM
congrates to team for final and coach Brasa . but we should not ignore Harendra . he should be with the Team. and good luck for finals. let this adhoc commettiee to become hockey india. when they are doing good why election required.
Appointment of Hose Basra
by Amit Dudani on 4/10/2009 1:50:04 PM
Its good to know that we have a long term coach now, however, it is more important to ensure that he has the credentials and is fit to understand and professionalise Indian Hockey. It may not be easy for a Spainard to coach the Indian team because ther is very little interaction otherwise between these 2 countries. Australians have a good understanding about India and their style of play is similar to Asian style. I believe an Australian coach would have been better. It is however good that we have a professional dealing with the National team. Ad-hoc committee is doing a wonderful job in giving the Indian team a busy calendar this year, I hope they are allowed to continue doing the good work and our Hockey reaches top 4 soon. Good Luck India