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I don’t want to be a mute spectator: JB Roy (2/25/2009)
--K. Arumugam
I don’t want to be a mute spectator: JB Roy

I believe that like me majority of the people in our country are emotionally attached to the national game. For me it is not any other game but a matter of national pride. I must admist that hockey is close to my heart whether I talk in my personal capacity or on behalf of Hockey Associations.

I was deeply anguished when India could not qualify for the Beijing Olympics last year. The truth is that I am yet to come to terms with this great set back without an Indian participation in hockey, the Olympics lost its charm form. Me. This was when I asked myself whether I should remain a mute spectator to the tragic demise of our national game and just moan over it. The answer was obvious. I told myself that I must act and that is how I got associated with Bengal Hockey Association and only say that I madly love this game. And I want the Indian tricolour to dominant at the international hockey area yet again.

The IHF is under suspension while the matter is pending in the court. Therefore, the affirs of Indian hockey are moving sluggishly. That is why the Bengal Hockey Association and other state associations have taken it upon themselves to launch a campaign. This is a beginning, aimed at taking that Indian hockey to pinnacle.

undefined To begin with, the IHF elections have to conducted at the earliest and we would sincerely pursue the matter with the IOA. All the state hockey associations have authorized me to take up this matter with the IOA. The IOA has been managing the hockey affairs very satisfactorily but it has it own limitations and responsibilities.

Therefore, what is needed is a body that can focus solely on hockey. This makes holding of an early IHF elections imperative. We have to come to you with this very burning issue only and to keep you abreast of our efforts in this direction. We will pursue this matter with the IOA and the sports minister so that the IHF elections are held as soon as possible ad the premier body yet again starts functioning independently.

Thanks and regards

Yours JB Roy.

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sensible guy
by Kamlesh Jain on 2/27/2009 11:07:01 PM
it sounds great. he should come to hockey. hope he will do good things when gets power.