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Editor's Note (11/29/2008)
At the outset apologies

Unusually, we could not update the site for about a week except now popular ‘What Indian Newspaper’ section, , which is outsourced to a hockey heart.

This site is not an institution run -- but by an individual-- and its drawbacks were so telling in the week gone by. When I set out for a short trip to Chennai and Pondicherry, two territorial capitals down south, I had obsolutely no clue that I would be trapped in a cyclonic weather – Nisha and Nishanti.

Not only access to internet became impossible, even movements were largely restricted. We were midway through our annual renovation of the site, that also came to an abrupt end because of these stylishly named cyclones.

However, we are delighted to inform ‘Hockey Players Wallpapers’ are ultimately available on line. Click ‘Wallpaper’ in the right panel on the home page to see your favourite player in booming colours.

Otherwise, these days were effectively utilized for a new hockey activity, that will be dealt with later.

Some of the development your favourite site missed out include

Nehru Cup final
Tamil Nadu Hockey Association election
Follow up of FIH Election
Gill filing another case (or affidavit?) in the court against the ad hoc committee
High profile lawyer Nalini Chidambaram roped in by rival faction of TNHA The proposed senior Nationals in Pune is cancelled
Women hockey player Navneet, who complained against a coach, files a case in Chandigargh court.
Daughter-in-law of Dhyan Chand, Dr. Meera, comes out with a book on the legend.
JB Roy faction convenes their supporters to Delhi, but perhaps on second thought cancels it.

One week is a big period in hockey, I sincerely apologise once again for the disconnectivity.

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