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PHL Statistical Highlights (12/17/2006)
--K. Arumugam
Statistical Highlights of PHL

The two editions of PHL held so far, witnessed 43 matches (20 in 2005) 2006), which produced 147 goals (77 in 2005).

Out of 43 matches, 30 produced outright results in regulation time, 6 went into extra time, while 7 matches were decided by tie-breaker.

Only one match ended goal-less so far.

Of the 147 goals these 43 matches produced, more than 55 % are field goals, only six are from strokes.

29 players collectively contributed for all goals in 2005 but only 13 of them were among the scorers in the next year. 16 new scorers emerged in 2006. Interestingly, thus, number of scorer in each PHL was identical 29.

None from Hyderabad Sultans team scored in both PHLs. All 2006 scorers for Hyderabad Sultans were new entrants to the team that year.

So far 5 golden goals and a silver goal has been scored.

Tushar Khandker posted PHL's first golden goal, and it was his only goal in the whole of 2005 PHL.

With 16 goals against his name, Bangalore Lion's Len Aiyappa tops the over all scorers' list, followed by Deepak Thakur and Sandeep Singh (10 each).

5 foreign players scored 20 goals in all in 2005; 7 foreign players 16 goals in 2006.

Sohail Abbas and Kashif Jawad, both from Pakistan, tops the foreign players' scorer list each with 7 goals.

Quarter-wise break up of goals: Q1 = 20 (2005), 16 (2006); Q2 = 14 (2005), 17 (2006); Q3 = 25 (2005), 10 (2006); Q4 = 16 (2005), 23 (2006). Details of 6 extra-time goals: Golden goal 5 ( 4 in 2005, 1 in 2006); 1 silver goal in 2006.

112 penalty corners were generated in 2005 of which 33 were converted for a 30% success rate, while it is just 22 goals out of 107 in 2006.

Bangalore Lions and Maratha Warriors come next. These teams retained nine players for 2006.

Salient feature of Sher-e-Jalandhar in 2006 was it did not score even a token goal three matches, just 6 in rest 5 matches yet not got relegated!

Sher-e-Jalandhar is the most consistent in terms of team composition as it retained 13 players from 2005 for 2006 and 8 now.

Break up of foreign player participation in PHL: 2005: 13, 2006: 14, 2006: 30.

Dilip Tirkey, Viren Rasquinha and Arjun Halappa will be leading a PHL team third time in a row.

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