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One-sided games flays at Sr Women's Champ'ship (4/24/2015)
--Press Release
Saifai (Uttar Pradesh), 24 April 2015: Continuing their winning streak at the ongoing 5th Senior National Hockey Championship 2015 (Women) ‘’B’’ Division, the teams registered resounding wins against their opponents today at Saifai, Uttar Pradesh.

It was an exciting day today where Hockey Patiala trumped Chhattisgarh Hockey 1-0 in a close contesting match. In the second match, Hockey Unit of Tamil Nadu stamped a victory over Tripura Hockey 7-0. This followed another exciting encounter between Hockey Madhya Pradesh and Hockey Andhra Pradesh where the former drubbed the latter 9-0. The fourth match witnessed Hockey Rajasthan crushing Hockey Puducherry with a mammoth goal- margin of 18-0. Association of Indian Universities ended the game with a remarkable performance and defeated Bengal Hockey Association 4-0.

The match between Hockey Patiala and Chhattisgarh was an intense battle as both teams not giving each other scoring opportunities, resulting in a dry run for the entire first half. The second half saw its sole goal getting scored by Hockey Patiala which went on to be the winning goal for the team. It was Baby’s efforts in the D which bore results as her field effort found the nets and opening the score in favour for Hockey Patiala. Chhattisgarh Hockey unable to equalize meant Hockey Patiala winning the game 1-0.

Hockey Unit of Tamil Nadu not wanting to leave any stone unturned to register a win against Tripura Hockey made intentions clear just two minutes into the game as A. Krishna Mathi scored though a brilliant field goal. Looking at taking the goal score a notch higher Hockey Unit of Tamil Nadu registered its second goal in the 13th minute coming from the stick of T. Shobika Raghavi leaving Tripura Hockey frustrated. Going high in their momentum the team took the goal score to 3-0 as a field effort by A. Vijaya Lakshmi bore results. Trailing the game 3-0, Tripura Hockey tried making a comeback in the second half but was unable as Hockey Unit of Tamil Nadu continued its onslaught. The team added four more goals in the 32nd, 40th, 51st and 55th minute and won the game 7-0. The match between Hockey Madhya Pradesh and Hockey Andhra Pradesh rained goals in favour of the former as the team went on to win 9-0 against the opponents. Not wasting any time Hockey Madhya Pradesh was immediately into action in their business side of the field as they put pressure on the opponents. The attack gave results in the 8th minute as Sadhna Senger made no mistake in converting an opportunity into goal and this was followed by the second goal in the 11th minute when another field effort by Rakhi Prajapti allowed Hockey Madhya Pradesh to double its lead. Before going into second half, Hockey Madhya Pradesh added two more goals to their tally which were converted in the 23rd and 27th minute and taking half time scores to 4-0. Second half continued on the same track, with Hockey Madhya Pradesh keeping Hockey Andhra Pradesh busy in keeping them at bay. But undeterred by the opponents defence, Hockey Madhya Pardesh scored its fifth goal in the 37th minute. Within two minutes Seema Verma scored through the penalty corner opportunity and took her teams tally to 6-0. The team scored three more goals before the end of game, won 9-0.

Hockey Rajasthan playing against Hockey Puducherry registered a very convincing win against the opponents as they went onto win the match by 18-0. It was Prakash Choudhary’s brilliant performance of single handedly scoring 12 goals helped her team register the huge win. The game even marked Prakash scoring six back to back goals in the 18th, 22nd, 26th, 29th, 32nd and 36th minute. Wasting no time Prakash was into business the very first minute as she converted through a field effort. This was followed by Beena Panday’s penalty corner conversion in the 2nd minute, taking the score to 2-0. Minute 4th, 5th and 6th marked three consecutive goals by Prakash Choudhary and Sita respectively. Having got a penalty corner, Prakash Choudhary converted it with ease in the 9th minute and took the score to 6-0. This was followed by the team going all out as they scored another 5 goals before the end of first half and the scorecard read 11-0 at the end of session. The rampage by Hockey Rajasthan continued in the second half too as goals rained in regular intervals. Straight into the second session, Prakash added two consecutive goals in the 32nd and 36th minute through field effort, taking the score to 13-0. Another five goals were scored before Hockey Rajasthan registered their win over Hockey Puducherry 18-0.

In the last day of the match, Association of Indian Universities produced a clinical performance and edged past the Bengal Hockey Association 4-0. Association of Indian Universities went onto the attack in the initial 11th minute of the game through Navjeet Kaur’s field effort. Proving the team has clear intentions to win, Shashibala scored a brace in the 14th and 39th minute of the game taking the score to 3-0. Bengal Hockey Association became alert and tried to stop the opponents from capitalizing the scoring prospects but all its efforts went in vain when another field goal was struck by Navjot Kaur in the 53rd minute which concluded the match with 4-0 win in favour of Association of Indian Universities.

Results of the day-

Pool A Hockey Patiala 1 Baby (47 min-FG) vs Chhattisgarh Hockey 0

Pool C Hockey Unit of Tamil Nadu 7 A. Krishna Mathi (2 min-FG,51 min-FG), T. Shobika Raghavi (13 min-FG, 55 min-FG), A. Vijaya Lakshmi (19 min-FG), R. Jayalakshmi (19 min-FG), M. Mohana Priya (40 min-FG) vs Tripura Hockey 0 Pool C Hockey Madhya Pradesh 9 Sadhna Senger (8 min-FG, 50 min-FG), Rakhi Prajapati (11 min-FG, 23 min-FG) Jyoti Pal (27 min-PC, 37 min-PC, 55 min-FG) Seema Verma (39 min-PC)Neha Rawat (48 min-PC) vs Hockey Andhra Pradesh 0 Pool D Hockey Rajasthan 18 Prakash Choudhary (1 min-FG, 4 min-FG, 6 min-FG, 9 min-PC, 18 min-FG, 22 min-FG, 26 min-FG, 29 min-FG, 32 min-FG, 36 min-FG, 53 min-FG, 59 min-FG), Beena Panday (2 min-PC, 13 min-FG, 40 min-FG, 55 min-FG), Sita (5 min-FG), Manisha (46 min-FG) vs Hockey Puducherry 0

Pool D Association of Indian Universities 4 Navjeet Kaur (11min- FG), Shashibala (14min- FG, 39min- FG), Navjot Kaur (53min- FG) vs Bengal Hockey Association 0

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