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M Jr Nationals: Day IV: Intense contest brewi (4/4/2015)
--Press Release
Mysore Jr Nationals: Day IV: Intense contest brewing up

Mysore (Karnataka), 4 April 2015: The 5th edition of Hockey India Junior Men National Hockey Championship 2015 being played at Mysore, Karnataka saw another day of nail biting matches as each team strived to out beat their opponent for the day and register a win in their names.

Taking on Kerala Hockey, Bengal Hockey Association took a easy win as they beat the former 6 -1.The second match for the day between Hockey Gangpur Odisha and Hockey Rajasthan was a cake walk for the former as they score 21 goals and not allowing the opponents to score a single goal and winning the game 21-0. The third game saw the clash between Hockey Bihar and Assam Hockey as the former beat the latter 10-2. It was Hockey Uttarakhand who successfully beat Goans Hockey 12-3 in the fourth game of the day. in a keenly contested game between Chandigarh Olympic Association and Hockey Patiala it was the former which successfully kept its nerves to win the game 3-2. In the last match for the day it was Hockey Gujrat who won the match against Tripura Hockey and winning the match 4-3.

Bengal Hockey Association started the game by immediately attacking and penetrating the D of Kerala Hockey. They scored as early as the 4th minute as Raushan Kumar cleanly scored a field goal and ensuring that the ball found the nets. Kerala Hockey counter attacked but were unable to capitalise on the opportunities. Bengal Hockey Association doubled its lead in the 26th minute when a penalty corner opportunity was slapped hard by Debasis Das ensuring that he beat the goalkeeper and scored for the team. Come 28th minute the team yet again scored as Biren Kumar Lakra scored through a field goal. The score at the end of first half stood at 3-0 with Kerala Hockey trailing. The second half was intense both teams looked at scoring on the opportunities that they created but were unable to do so. It was finally in the 60th minute that the match saw its fourth goal of the game as Bengal Hockey Association’s Nitish Neupane scored a beautiful field goal taking the score to 4-0. The team added two more goals in the 62nd and 63rd minute with Raushan Kumar scoring on both occasions. With 6-0 on the scoreboard and the game almost coming to an end, Kerala Hockey managed to break through the shackles of Bengal Hockey Association to register their lone goal in the 64th minute and allowing Bengal Hockey Association take the win 6-1.

Making their intention clear from the very first minute Hockey Gangpur Odisha scored their first goal in the very 1st minute as Sushil Ekka beautifully penetrated the D and scored a field goal leaving Rajasthan Hockey stunned. They double the lead in the 2nd minute as Rasananda Khalkho scored a brilliant field goal. Come 10th minute and Rasananda Khakho scored his second goal and third for his team as a brilliant pass to him in the D was slapped past the goalkeeper, taking the score to 3-0. The team added another five goals before the end of first half and the score read 8-0. The second half was not different story for Hockey Gangpur Odisha as they continued their onslaught on the opponents. Immediately into the second session they scored in the 36th minute as Sushil Ekka outwitted the goalkeeper to score a field goal. The team scored their 10th goal in the 39th minute as Sanjay Xalxo scored and 41st and 44nd minute two more added to the team’s tally with Pratap Lakra and Sanjay Xalxo scoring. With 13-0 on the scoreboard the team added 8 more goals before winning the game 21-0 and leaving Hockey Rajasthan dented.

The third game of the day was anther exciting clash as the spectators witnessed Hockey Bihar outclassing Assam Hockey and beating them 10-2. Ten minutes into the game Hockey Bihar managed a penalty corner in their name and which was successfully converted by Vinit Ekka. Hockey Bihar saw Vinit Ekka adding two more goals to their sc21ore tally as he went on to score in the 14th and 17th minute and taking the score to 3-0 with Assam Hockey trailing. The team saw another goal getting added to their name as Nitesh Kumar scored in the 19th minute through a field goal. Trailing by four goals, Assam Hockey struck in the 25th minute as a field goal by Arjun Bhagat took the score card to 4-1 in the favour of Hockey Bihar. Within two minute Hockey Bihar struck back and added another goal as Pandeya Mumda did not mistake in finding the nets in the 27th minute. At the end of second half Hockey Bihar was leading 5-1. The second half saw Hockey Bihar adding five more goals in the 41st, 51st, 55th and 56th minute. With the score at 9-1, Assam Hockey scored their second goal in the 61stminute as Pankaj Basumatari scored through a field goal. just a minute left for the game to end, Hockey Bihar scored their 10th goal as Sameer Minz found the nets for his team.

The fourth game for the day saw Hockey Uttarakhand beating Goans Hockey 12-3. The first half of the match was completely dominated by Hockey Uttarakhand as they scored six goals in the first session. They started their goal scoring spree in the very 2nd minute as Shurabh Patwal scored a field goal and giving his team the early lead. This was followed by Siddharth Miyan adding the second goal in the 6th minute as he converted the penalty corner. Shurabh Patwal scored another goal for his team in the 16th minute which was closely followed by Captain Manoj Tamta scoring tow back to back goals in the 18thand 25th minute and taking the score to 5-0. Just before the end of first half Hockey Uttarakhand scored its 6th goal as Amit Rawat ensured that the penalty corner was not wasted. The second half was again in the name of Hockey Uttarakhand as they added six more goals in the session. Siddharth Miyan scored the 7th goal in the 41st minute followed by Captain Manoj Tamta scoring two more back to back goals in the 43rd and 52nd minute taking his teak to a score of 8-0. Goans Hockey finally struck in the as Ayyaz Khan scored two consecutive goals in the 55th and 59th minute. Adding their third goal in the 67thminute, as Prasad Toraskar scored for Goans Hockey and the score card read 10-3 in favour of Hockey Uttarakhand. Just minutes left into the game to end Hockey Uttarakhand added two more goals in the 68th and 69th minute and ending the game with 21-3 on the board.

The match between Chandigarh Olympic Association and Hockey Patiala proved to be a close game as Chandigarh Olympic Association went on to wins 3-2. The first half was intense as both side attacked and created scoring opportunities. It was Chandigarh Olympic Association who tasted first blood in the 22nd minute as Raj Kumar scored through a field goal. Within two minute Hockey Patiala struck as they evened the score 1-1 in the 24th minute through Jaswinder Singh’s brilliant field goal. With no further goals added the end of first half had both teams tied at 1-1. The second half was anyone’s game as each strived to outwit and score. Hockey Patiala finally took the lead in the 52nd minute with Captain Randeep Singh converting the all important penalty corner. Not wanting the game to slip from their hands Chandigarh Olympic Association equalised in the 57th minute as Varinder Singh slapped the ball past the goal keeper and scored. With the game again ties at 2-2 it was anyone game from here. Keeping their nerves and determination to win Chandigarh Olympic Association took the lead in the 61st minute as Harikrat Singh scored a field goal and this helped them win the match.

The last match of the day started with Tripura Hockey scoring the first goal in the 7th minute coming from the stick if Mohd Taric. Though the delight of the lead was short lived as Hockey Gujarat equalised in the 16th minute through a field goal by Akash Shelar. This was followed by Akash Shelar helping his team take the team lead in the game though another field goal in the 19th minute. Realising that they were losing hold in the game and they scored two quick goals in the 25th and 30th minute as Ravinder Basant and Mukeh Singh scored through field goals. With scores at 3-2 Tripura hockey was leading the game at the end of first half. In its bid to come back in the game Gujarat Hockey played a very attacking game and added two goals in their tally in the 49th and 52nd minute and taking the game 4-3.

Results of the Day

Pool C – Bengal Hockey Association 6 Raushan Kumar (4min-FG, 62 min-PC, 63 min-FG), Debasis Das (26min- PC), Biren Ku. Lakra (28min- FG), Nitesh Neupane (60 min-FG) vs Kerala Hockey 1 Sarang D (64min- FG)

Pool D - Hockey Gangpur Odisha 21 Sushil Ekka (1min- FG, 31min- PC, 36min- FG), Rasananda Khalokho(2min-FG, 10min-FG, 42min-FG), Sanjay Xalxo (18 min- FG, 39 min-FG, 44min-FG), Dillip Lakra (27 min- PS, 57 min-PC), Sudeep Kerketta (33min –FG), Andand Ekka (34min-FG, 65min-FG), Pratap Lakra (41min-PC), Abhishek Lakra (47 min-PC), Sibren Lakra (54 min-FG, 63 min-FG, 70+ min-PC) , Gregory Xess (59 min-FG), Binit Ekka (68 min-FG) vs Hockey Rajasthan 0

Pool D – Hockey Bihar 10 Vinit Ekka (11min- PC, 14 min-FG, 17 min-PC 41 min-PC), Nitesh Kumar (19 min- FG), Pandeya Munda (27 min- FG), Ravi Kumar (51 min-FG), Sukhram Mundu (55 min-FG, 56 min-FG), Sameer Minz (69 min-FG) vs Assam Hockey 1 Arun Bhagat (27 min- FG), Pankaj Basumatari (61 min-FG)

Pool A - Hockey Uttarakhand 12 Manoj Tamta (18 min- PC, 25min- PC, 43 min-FG, 52 min-FG, 69 min-PC), Shurabh Patwal (2min- FG, 16 min-FG), Siddharth Miyan (6min- PC, 41 min-FG and 54min- FG), Amit Rawat (31 min- PC), Vinay Kishor (68 min-PC) vs Goans Hockey 3 Ayyaz Khan (55min- FG, 59 min-PC), Prasad Toraskar (67min- PC)

Pool D - Chandigarh Olympic Association 3 Raj Kumar (22 min-FG), Varinder Singh (57 min-FG), Harikrat Singh (61 min-FG) vs Hockey Patiala 2 Jaswinder Singh (24 min-FG), Randeep Singh (52 min-PC)

Pool B – Hockey Gujarat 4 Akash Shelar (16 min-FG, 19 min-FG, 49 min-FG), Amal Mathew (52 min-FG) vs Tripura Hockey 3Mohd Taric (7 min-PC), Ravinder Basant (25 min-FG), Mukeh Singh (30 min-FG)

SCHEDULE FOR - 6 APRIL 2015 (Monday)


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