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London 2012: Tit Bits
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Arjun Halappa feels hurt Indian coach blames playe (8/4/2012)
--s2h team
Editor Note: With the onset of social media, everyone has a tool to express. Not wholly surprisingly, thoughtful and insightful views have come from assorted fans on India's show at London, the beauty of which is their views are spontaneous, instant emotions, angle of approach varying as much as possible. We picked up a few of them and provide to our site visitors, ready stuff.

Arjun Halappa feels hurt Indian coach blames players

Vivek Mukherjee (Journalist): Patience all hockey lovers, it will take a while for India to become even an underdog that can bare its fangs and bite on the field. The fact of the matter is that Indian hockey has been screwed around for such a long time that even the harlots of the netherworld smell of roses. And, the cast of screwers is rich in character. No point in wringing hands. What Indian hockey needs is a vision, continuity, a domestic structure and money. And yeah, most importantly time and professionalism. And, for that to happen men with small balls and big egos need to be red-carded. I rest my case.

Arjun Halappa (Former Indian hockey captain): Sad thing is that Indian coach is blaming players that hurts me as player

Preeti Pariat Mehta (Event Director, World Series Hockey): .. I'd add that the Players cannot be given a clean slate and MUST share the blame and have added to the useless hullabaloo by talking big and performing small! We should look across the border to see how they have consolidated with what they have... when the Dutch coach abandoned them they replaced him with one of their own... they did not tow the FIH line and recalled in the "REBELS and VETERANS".... endeavored to send their BEST team.....and they have stayed quiet and focused and playing some "Heart Hockey" .......Hope Team India have a good game today and "SHUT US ALL UP" !!!... May the game come out the

Himansu Dhiman (College hockey player): Some of the players are really over rated. Never saw sandeep singh doing well in olympics. He is good with penalty corners but that to be in sub standard games . In under pressure situations he never performs. In today's match whenever the ball went to chandi , 90% of the times he lost possession. Same happened in world cup. Never saw shivendra making good moves. He just Converts some goals that to be not good ones ,just silly goals. Gurbaj played well in world cup but don't know what happened here. Sunil is the only forward who takes the ball from mid to forward line but then hit the ball blindly into D like what we use to do during school hockey. We lost in world cup and commonwealth games but played well. Very sad to see india with no fighting spirit . Very sad, india will also lose this rear species Rare species is INDIAN HOCKEY FANS. Guys dont give Nobbs so much credit for qualifying for Olympics. In last OQ we had England in our pool who is much better side. So we lost last OQ. This time we were lucky enough to get only good team Canada in our pool. So we won and qualified. France and all other teams were much lower ranked. And for fitness nobbs is not responsible. Its some other guy i think David is the name. Who take care of fitness. Brasa was much better but he was anti HI . So he was removed. Lets see what Nobbs can do. Hope for the best.

Salih Thatcher (Oman, keen watcher): First, we should understand that India had qualified to Olympics after a long gap. When we qualified, there was congratulations messages all around. Then we were talking about India's chances in the first top six teams list in the Olympics. But after the spiriting performance against Netherlands, we had lot of hope on the Indian team. But NZ had developed themselves in to a strong team recently. As for SV Sunil case, he is considered as the fastest player in the Indian attack. Unfortunately there are no center forwards to match his speed and at least rush to the center, while Sunil is moving through the right flank. Nobbs had warned Sunil to slow down a bit,when he reaches near the D circle, so that the center forwards can reach their position. Even though we had lost three matches, I am very happy with our team performance. I am watching Indian hockey for the last ten years and with proud I would like to say that this team is the best team in recent years. It clearly indicates that the future of hockey is bright in India. If we continue to develop some areas, especially converting the chances to reality when it comes to scoring and the weak defense, we can still emerge as a strong hockey power in the future. Forget about the results in the Olympics. Even Nobbs and his boys didn't expect any miracles in the Olympics. How can we..???

Khusdeep Baidwan (hockey coach): ...Still cheer for my team come on boys

Roshan Jeetsingh: it is disheartening,we have the world best Centre Half Sardara Singh World best Drag Flickers Raghunath & Sandeep Singh , but the World's Worst GK Chetri & defenders Sandeep, Raghunath

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