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2018 World Cup News
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What coaches and captain said after QF (12/14/2018)
--s2h Team

"I would like to tender my apologies. We haven't given the country what we had to".


"I am not going to stop today. If they (umpires) don't want to improve, this type of result we will face".

"Both umpires were not good. Can anyone explain Amit Rohidas's 10-minute suspension, yellow card? What about this gentleman (points at Manpreet), when he was pushed from behind? Why not yellow card there to the rival? We have lost two major tournaments, Asian Games and here because of (bad) umpiring".


"We got a green card when we hadn't done anything. But when the same offence happened against us, he (umpire) said nothing.

"The outcome of official protest has never been good in my career. We will accept this gracefully. We want neutral umpiring. I except both teams to be treated equal. In one wrong umpiring decision you ruin 4-6 years of preparation."

"We had the chances. We had a couple of open chances. We missed, so did Holland. That was because both teams were playing high-tempo game. Sometimes your position is not there, or your stick is not there (in the right place). undefined

The way the boys fought without the goalkeeper, I want to salute my players sitting amidst from you".

"The planning was till the World Cup. Now we will sit with Hockey India and plan. We are not playing the Pro League. Wherever Pro Loeague happen, we will go so that we can play Test matches be, so that we can also benefit. We need to keep knowing where we need to improve".

"I don't agree with the award of penalty corner that turned out to be the match winner."

"I am satisfied with team's performance in parts. Overall, I say that Holland played their game. If you are not there to score goals, it's another thing but we created the chances".

"I will give 7/10 for temperament to my team".

"When we don't have the ball, all players are defenders. We were there, tackling, not hanging back and giving space. We have improved in one-to-one tackling. It's a mix of attacker, mdidfiedler and defenders. When your structure is good, you can do that and create pressure. So credit goes to the entire team.

"Because we are playing attacking hockey, we are in a hurry at times. You should control it but the final pass undefined


"What is the use of lodging official protest? We lost the match already. We are out of the tournament.:

"The team put in all the effort, but the victory didn't happen. I am happy that all boys gave their 100% and were not short on confidence.


"The team with most chances wins the game. We won the game. That's the bottom line".

WE review our games, not the umpire's actions. In the end, the umpires didn't play the game".

"It happened at the Champions Trophy when the call went against us and we had a draw against India. Umpires do their job. It's a very fast-paced game".

"At half time, We actually spoke about holding the ball for longer. The first half we played a running game, we wanted to play passing game in the next. We didn't sacrifice on our speed of the game"

'You might have', 'You should have', 'You could have' do not exist in match.

We don't have Sander (who was injured and sent back) and substitute, but the point is we have a squad".

Just play the game. I know its going to be a battle. Sometimes we win, you lose, we are happy the way we could change things and keep our cool.


"We are pretty happy with the officials. Sometimes in sports things don't go the way you want. That's something you have to deal with. In my opinion, we are really good team, also adapt to those situations. Of course, it is difficult. But we also have those moments sometimes. But I think the referees did a good job."

"Good positioning is one of the really important things to win games. India have a lot of young players, lot of potential but they are also vulnerable getting into good positions. In my opinion, we did that better. For us, the result only counts. That was the right decision for us to play this way.

It was his (Sander's) first game here, this crowd, this age, just few days here in Bhubaneswar. That shows how many good playerrs we can have. We don't depend on Sander.

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