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Jacques Column
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Top level sport begins in the cradle (7/24/2016)
--s2h team
Top level sport begins in the cradle

Column 'Jewels from Jacques' by Jacques Brinkmann for

All arrows on the youth! An excellent, innovative youth training is crucial to win top tournaments. And that certainly applies to team sports such as football and hockey. The best example is of course FC Barcelona. The famed food fall club invests more than ten million euro in the youth training. Other clubs to spends astonishing amounts which hockey world hardly dream of. Kampong invests each year for an example 100,000 euro and that is the highest in the world of hockey.


In addition to the large difference in financial resources there is an important difference between the two sports. The top clubs such as Ajax, Feyenoord, PSF and FC Utrecht are there for the training of the raw talents. At hockey things go exactly the opposite way. The representing youth teams of the KNVB come together only occasionally. I have the last few years as a trainer and father of football talent Tim and hockey talents Thierry and Julie in the kitchen can look at Ajax, FC Utrecht, KNVB, Stichtse Cricket en Hockey Club, Kampong and field players.

Fun is in my experience has always been at the forefront in order to stand out from the crowd. This creates a feeling of confidence of the surroundings, confidence in yourself and which results in Excellence, security and respect to team mates. But more is needed to maximize the value of talented hockey players and footballers. From my own experience, I note that, in addition to pleasure and confidence, five preconditions for the ultimate youth training are:

Firstly, Talented youth players must already be from 7 years the highest quality training sessions and matches to be given. The period between 12 and 18 years is too short to fully develop basic qualities.

Secondly, best trainers should be on the youth. In The Netherlands we have many coaches, but too little trainers whom young players rely on for learning something, they make better.

Thirdly, winning is not a priority in the training. It is a matter of fact that players themselves gel well to develop in to a team player. Each day the talent should learn something, lest the day is wasted.


Fourthly, School performance should go over and above sport performance. The most talents ultimately get the absolute top spot, and then a good school training is important in order to be able to fall back on. Discipline is the key word in this connection, indispensable for as talent and top sportsman to 'slayers'.

Lastly, Modern accommodation with facilities for under other strength and fitness training, medical care, healthy food and video analysis.

The mission of each youth training should be young, ambitious to stimulate children and help to make their dreams come true. The impossible to possible. Or the FC Barcelona now is with a budget of ten million or hockey club Kampong with one percent. Let's celebrate talent!

Successful hockey Olympian from The Netherlands, celebrated Author and acclaimed Coach, Jacques Brinkmann will be writing exclusive column 'JEWELS FROM JACQUES' for The column will seek to provide perspective glimpse in to the global hockey, especially Dutch and India.

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