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PCG 2009: M.No.1: India NZ Web Commentary Text (2/1/2009)
--Printed Article
Match No. 1 Punjab Gold Cup, Chandigarh, India. First leg
Saturday 31 January 2009
72' Goodby friends, thanks for visiting our site for the web live. We will bring second match between Germany and Netherlands live. Thanks once again.
71' Sandeep Singh declared Man of the Match by a group of journalists
71' Dy.Chief Minister of Punjab Sukhbir Singh Badal hands over the MoM memonto to Sandeep singh, and fireworks lit up the sky, and hundreds of baloons let off.
70' Indian crowd happy, as the hooter comes up. India wins and gains vital 3 points.
68' Prabhjot Plays to gallery, inside cirlce, all three attempts from him are feeble,br> 67' with two goals up in the kitty, indians are happy to contain, with occasional attaack
67' ** Yellow Card : Vikram Pillay gets yellow card, seems to be harsh, but umpire knows well**
62' ** Goal : Shivender Singh scored a beautiful reverse shot, that bemused the enire defence, Indian tails up**
54' Sandeep Singh's overhead scoop no danger to the Kiwis, as sweeper back anticipates well and clears
53' Prabodh and Prbhjot tries in vain to get across the NZ defence, in vain
50' NZ on attack, Dilip Tirkey and Sandeep Singh upto the task
47' A good right attack did not give India any cheer, as Prabhjot fails to connect infront of goalmouth.
45' Rajpal argues in vain with umpire for penalty corner, NZ frees the ball
40' Ball stuck in the midfield, both sides playing cautious game
36' Second half starts on electrifying note with Rajal taking the ball into cirlce, but no good support for the move
36' Deepak Thakur, who was injured during the defence of first penalty corner, plays as centre-forward
35' Halftime. In the evenly played 35 minutes, India goes to lemon time with a goal in their kitty.
33' Tushar makes a great move, and gives the ball to SV Sunil inside the circle, but the younster shot on the side nets. Golden chance goes abegging
32' Brilliant ball control and save from Henwood near the cirle, Indian attack thwarted.
31' J. Baker makes inroad from left in to the circle, but ball croses the line, India survives a scare.
30' vikram Pillay thwarts a threatening move of captain Philip Furrows near top of D
28' NZ's hit-in from left, but sandeep Singh intercepts inside circle, and the motion turns towards NZ goal. Sweeper back Couzins confidence 26' Bhana (NZ) takes a feeble shot at goal, no danger for India but thethreat persists
25' Deepak Thakur makes a feeble attempt in the right
24' Ball in the midfield, both sides trying to control
24' India puts three men defence of NZ under pressure, but the Indian moves are hapazard
23' Shivender dives to deflect a good cross, but the ball was faster
22' Local hero Sandeep Singh did not disappoint the home crowd, the goal is a good one
21' ** Goal : rajpal Pushes, arjun stopes, Sandeep Singh scores **
20' Couzins second freehit poses no danger to India
20' ** Penalty Corner : Rajpal and Arjun combines well to make good move, and Arjun manages to get India's second penalty corner**
19' A NZ attempt ends unutilized as the ball crosses the base line
19' A New Zeland attack, all Indian players in defending,as couzins takes the freehit
17' ball is Indian side for sometime now, all attacks from right, Gurbaj and Tushar in belligerent mood
15' India makes valiant attempt from right, but New Zealand defence is alert
12' the ball was not stopped properly, goal chance fizzles out
5' New Zealand gets first penalty corner, Indian defence stands to the task. NZ frustrated, Indian crowd happy
1' Match has started, ball in the midfield
0' ** Penalty Corner : India's long corner gives it the first penalty corner** 0' India - New Zealand Encounter Stat:
Both teams met 67 times.
India won 39 times
India Drew 11 times
India Lost 17 times
0' It is now 3.40 Pm in Chandigarh. New Zealand team has just entered the ground, with applause from the crowd, which is building up.
0' Some facts about India New Zealand encounters:
India met the Kiwis last in the Sultan Azlan Shah Cup in May last year.
Sandeep Singh scored three goals. However, it fell short of a goal, and the Kiwis won the match 3-4. However, thereafter India went on to play the final.
0' Wearing full sleeve in red, Indian team too has just entered the ground. The stands is full on all three sides of the sprawling stadium, left and right pavilion with school children in their uniform. They are lively, vocal, cheering the Indian team in full throat
0' With staging this double-leg 4-Nation Tournament, the city of Chandigarh, makes its own hockey chapter, at least for two important reasons:
One: India has has so far hosted 4-Nation Cup only once, it was in Chandigarh in 1995. Two: The city is again hosting another 4-nation -- in double leg.
0' India is in a state of mourning, as the former president R. Venkataraman has died four days ago. Therefore, the opening ceremony is not to be held the way it was originally planned.
0' Indian Team: Sandeep Singh (capt.) Dilip Tirkey, Baljit Singh, Adrian D'souza, Gurbaj Singh, Vikram Pillay, Ignace Tirkey, Prabodh Tirkey, Rajpal Singh, Deepak Thakur, Shivender Singh, Prabhjot Singh, VS Vinaya, SV Sunil, Tushar Khandker, Arjun Halappa. Chief coach: Harendera Singh(Air India).
0' Sukhbir Singh Badal, Dy. Cheif Minister of Punjab, who is also holding the sports portfolio has entered the stadium, and is being welcomed by Pargat Singh, Director Sports, Punjab Govt. Suresh Kalmadi, President Indian Olympic Association, is also on the stage
0' The Match is yet to start,as the VIPs are being introduced to the teams
0' National Anthem of New Zealand being played
0' National Anthem of India in mourning tune being played
0' Umpires for the First Match is Michiel Bruning of Netherlands and Kim Hong Lae of Korea. Fabian Blasch of Germany is the reserve umpire.
0' Match has started, ball in the midfield

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